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Our 4th of July Weekend 2020

Hey hey! Happy Tuesday! I so meant to type this post up for you yesterday, but of course pregnancy brain got to me and by the time I remembered I wanted to write a post it was already the evening so I am just publishing this post for you fresh on Tuesday mornin!

I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend! I was very blessed to have spent the weekend with my husband and my family. Normally Michael would have to work (even if it is technically a “day off” for him) since there is usually a big fireworks show in Boston, but because of COVID it was cancelled this year and he got to actually have a day off! Yippee!!

I am seriously SO GRATEFUL to have spent such a beautiful weekend with my family and my husband. Nothing is better than family, and I was just so happy to be with everyone! Can’t believe our Fourth of July photo will have another new baby in it next year!!

We spent the afternoon outside, as the boys played in the blow up pool, and we all sat in the summer sunshine. It was pretty hot and humid out, so us girls kept going back and forth inside for little breaks until it started to get cloudy. It was such a beautiful day though! So grateful for sunshine and family!! Our newest addition Lucia stole the show with her ADORABLENESS! I just cannot even get over how sweet and cute she is. She is totally the cutest girl ever! I mean just LOOK AT HER!!!

My Dad started grilling up all the meat for the meat eaters later in the afternoon. As usual around here, our spread consisted of the meats: barbecue chicken, steaks (unpictured), hot dogs (unpictured), cheeseburgers & hamburgers…and grilled peppers and onions.

Along with the salads: fruit salad in the Mickey bowl that I had cut up in the morning, mama’s pasta salad, mama’s potato salad, and (unpictured) garden salad. My mom also whipped up some egg salad rolls, but those were gone before I had a chance to take a picture of them.

And of course, my Mama made her American flag cake for dessert! Wouldn’t be a Fourth of July without this cake being served, my Memere used to make it, so it is a special cake!

My dessert consisted of my latest obsession: dairy free coconut milk Reddi Whip with some cut up chocolate….and of course I ate it in two seconds and didn’t snap a picture. Haha. Oops.

The day ended with baby snuggles as Michael and I went over to my sister and brother in law’s house after my parent’s to extend the “party”. On our way home around 10ish we saw lots of fireworks being (illegally, haha) shot up from people all over this town. It was so pretty! We had SUCH a great day with my favorite people!!

We were really lucky with Michael getting both Saturday and Sunday off (his days off just landed like that this past week, which was great!) so Sunday was another great day! We started the day with church, and had an afternoon ice cream date at New City Microcreamery in Hudson for our first time! I had been following them on Instagram for a while since they caught my eye with their dairy free options, and finally just needed ice cream on Sunday with the hot weather and Baby Joey kicking around in there. 😉 I told Michael that it was probably dangerous that we were going, and I was totally right because we ended up going yesterday too. Haha.

I got a scoop of their dairy free/vegan mounds with chocolate sprinkles, and Michael got a scoop of s’mores and a scoop of vanilla bourbon. It was SO GOOOOOOD and everything I could have dreamed of.

The rest of our Sunday was spent catching up on some of our DVR’d shows, snuggling, and getting Michael ready for his work week. It was such a great weekend and I am so grateful that Michael was off!

How was your Fourth of July weekend? Did you get to spend time with your family?

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