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We’re moving!

Helllooooo my blog friends…if you are still there? I sure hope so. I am popping in today to share some exciting news! If you follow me on Instagram you may already know.

We’re finally moving out of our apartment and moving into our own condo/townhome. I’m so excited!!!!! We are homeowners! Finally! We’ve been looking for what seems like forever, but it worked out and I think it was worth the wait!

We’ve lived in our apartment for over 6 years now, and it holds soooo many happy memories. We got engaged while we lived here, we got married while we lived here, Michael started his dream career while we lived here, I got pregnant while we lived here, and we brought Joey home from the hospital to this apartment. I will probably be crying when we leave here tomorrow, but I am definitely so excited. There’s just something sad about leaving a place forever that you have had so many good memories in. Am I right? Or am I just a hormonal mama? Don’t answer that, hahaha.

But as much as I am excited, I am also SO stressed out about moving with Joey. More so packing than actually moving because packing has been so hard with him. He needs all of my attention and I have only been getting a couple minutes here and there to pack each day but somehow it will all get done by tonight (literally laughing as I type this because it seems nearly impossible). I can’t wait to “show” you guys some of our new place, I’m so excited to actually get Joey’s nursery all set up and decorate the place!

Anyways, I had a minute to share the exciting news with you. I really miss writing in here, I have some topics I would like to write about and hopefully will be publishing soon!

Wishing you the best day! Xoxo!

2 thoughts on “We’re moving!

  1. Congrats Kayla! This is so so exciting! I am going to message you because I must send you a note of congratulations on your new home!! Homeownership is a lot of work BUT I think you’ll be so much happier in the long run! Please make sure to share photos of the new house! I’m sure it’s beautiful!

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