Hey hey! Thank you for stopping at Everyday with Miss Kay today! I’m thrilled you are here!

My name is Kayla, and I am the girl behind this little spot on the internet! I am twenty-nine years old and live in Central Massachusetts with my husband, Michael. I started this blog to share my passion for a healthy and fun lifestyle, with lots of sparkles added in the mix.

My husband and I have been together since we were fourteen and fifteen years old. He is my rock, and my shoulder to lean on no matter what. I am so grateful for him and am reminded everyday how extremely blessed I am to have him! Along with my husband, I am really close with my family. I have two nephews who I adore, and a sister and brother who are pretty great if I do say so myself! And as for my parents, they are the best of the best and I don’t know what I would do without them. You’ll see a lot of these people that I love here on the blog!

That’s my family!

I love all things health and fitness, and I usually get a work out in every day, whether it be dance cardio, strength training, sculpting, HIIT workouts, circuit workouts, or treadmill workouts…I love them all! Living a healthy lifestyle is extremely important to me! I am vegan, and have learned over the years to eat based on how my body reacts to food. Eating clean, fresh, raw food makes my tummy (and mind) very happy! I always say, give me a bowl of steamed veggies, a fresh salad, or a big bowl of fresh fruit and I am good!

I went to college for early childhood education, and having to double major I also studied sociology. I ended up graduating with just my BS in sociology because it would’ve taken way too long if I went the other route. What can I do with that, you might ask? I don’t know, but if you figure it out, please let me know! 😉 My list of jobs that I’ve had is the longest thing ever, and even though I haven’t found something in the “work field” that fits me perfectly, I am enjoying all of the new opportunities and experiences I have been given in my life! As for now, I am a Disney Travel Planner (email me directly and I can link you to my business Facebook page and email!), and I am still soul searching for the next thing that is planned for me.

I am just a big kid at heart searching for a life fueled by love, health, happiness, and of course, sparkles! You can follow me on Instagram here!

I appreciate you stopping by, and really hope you continue to follow along! 🙂